Do you want to grow your small business or franchise?

89 Quick Tips to Boost Your Business!

LiftStrategies-bookWith limited time and energy, how does a business owner find the resources to dramatically increase and retain fans without destroying healthy profits?

Jen DeTracey, innovator of the LIFFT® Process, shows you how to tweak your operations and promote your business. Making these small improvements to your business will result in significant gains. Her advice in Lift Strategies is gleaned from helping hundreds of small business owners craft real marketing systems and execute effective action plans.

Lift Strategies is filled with tangible examples, tips and stories that explore how to:

  • Make customers feel good
  • Attract emerging fans
  • Develop win-win systems
  • Teach you the concept of “Layering”
  • Focus on your competitive edge
  • Highlight costly mistakes to avoid
  • Gain brand equity
  • Maintain the right pricing structure
  • Understand the impact of less is more
  • … And much more!


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