Our approach is all about transforming ideas into actions, gaining traction and elevating results.

This is why we created the LIFFT® Process, recognizing the importance of implementing well-developed strategies. Well-planned strategies are strategies more easily implemented. This doesn’t have to be difficult or detract from daily responsibilities and commitments. The challenge we all face is that we lead busy lives, and it’s often difficult to imagine “adding” to our workload.

With that in consideration, we ease our clients and audiences into the process in a manner that is both gentle and manageable. We avoid overwhelming workers by designing a customized marketing infrastructure that works without overextending people or resources.

We work with clients outside of the context of our programs when the type of work and direction required is a good fit for both parties. After hearing Jen DeTracey speak at a variety of business events, clients recognize the need for follow-up consulting, advising and coaching services. Conversely, organizations approach LIFT Strategies from the onset to focus on a specific growth area or change opportunities.