In Person Consulting

In Person Consulting

Growing one’s business and/or making significant changes – such as a complete rebranding or preparing a business or franchises to have a highest selling value – are important goals. This can translate to a big investment in time, energy and, in many cases, money. With expert guidance, you can count on a greater return for your investment and better bang for your buck.

If your business has been operating for more than three years and you are looking for a small business growth expert to assist you, LIFT Strategies may be the perfect fit.

We at LIFT Strategies have worked with hundreds of small business owners to craft effective marketing and business systems. LIFT Strategies’ founder, Jen DeTracey, is the innovator of the hugely successful LIFFT® Process. This 5-step strategic marketing process is part of the unique benefit clients receive when working with LIFT Strategies.

In the case of franchisers who focus on developing proprietary systems for their franchise partners, working with LIFT Strategies on the franchise’s marketing aspects can be a rewarding and insightful experience revealing the most beneficial processes at every level of the franchise, including the end user.

The engagement process comes in three stages: the LIFFT® Assessment Process, the Action Plan Process, and Strategic Business Meetings. They involve:

LIFFT® Assessment Process

An initial in-person meeting will focus on your main objective, and also:

  • Uncover what is working well and what is not
  • Explore where money is being left on the table
  • Look at current systems and the level of effectiveness
  • Determine where the biggest gaps exist in the business process
  • Delve into specific concerns that may be impacting the success or limitation of the brand

This preliminary discovery meeting will set the foundations to begin exploring small yet significant changes to help your business come closer to realizing its objectives.

Additional meetings may be required depending on the complexity of your current situation and objectives.

Action Plan Process

  • A clear and tangible strategy document will be created once the discovery process is complete. This document will serve as a working paper to open the doors to further dialogue as well as to immediately take charge on important items.

Strategic Business Meetings

Objectives can be realized faster when you are ready to take the steps to move forward and have an expert there to support this process. Meetings can be commenced either in person or over a virtual connection at this stage, depending on the agreement between yourself and LIFT Strategies. We are flexible in the length and timing of these meetings based on your schedule and our availability.

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