LIFFT® Process

The LIFFT® Process is a five-step strategic marketing process that helps businesses accelerate their growth – and manage that growth – without overextending their people and their resources.

One: Layer
Determine how many marketing layers your company presently has. It’s very possible you have too many or not enough. It is essential to maintain a parallel between the layering of your marketing initiatives and your investment portfolio. One would never put all their available funds into one investment because the risk is too high and the return is not guaranteed.

The same holds true of marketing. We must layer our marketing endeavours so we can get the biggest bang for our marketing buck.

Two: Inform
Inform is all about the core message you want to communicate to your prospects and your customers. How do you know what your core message should be? It depends on who your ideal customers are. Take the time to really get to know who your ideal customers are before making decisions on which market you are going to target and what you are going to say.

Three: Frequency
There are three common reasons for failure – not advertising in the right place, not having the right message and not running the ad with enough frequency. Frequency applies to all layers of your marketing action plan. Keep in mind this cardinal rule: More frequency leads to more awareness, resulting in greater impact.

Four: Follow up
Did you know that 75% or more of business is lost because of lack of follow-up? You need to follow up on leads, proposals and opportunities with clients in order to build relationships. When follow-up is missing, the first three steps become irrelevant.

Five: Track
Track each marketing initiative. By tracking, you can pinpoint which layers need to be dropped, which ones need to be built upon, and ultimately where to most effectively invest your time, money and resources

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