Master Your Market™ Program

Six Week One-on-One Program with Jen DeTracey


Introducing Master Your Market™ Program, a six week, one-on-one marketing consulting program that gives you the tools you need to Master Your Market™. You give so much to your customers, isn’t it time to give back to your business?

In just six weeks, Jen DeTracey will show you how to boost your business to gain a greater yield. You’ll walk away with your own marketing action plan for the next 12 months. Master Your Market™ is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process with expert advice to help you achieve purposeful prosperity.

With over 25 years marketing expertise, Jen DeTracey will provide expert advice every step of the way. In six weeks you’ll receive six high power consulting calls, access to our 24/7 Lift Learning Center and the tools you need to build a personalized annual marketing action plan.

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This marketing program opened my eyes. It was easy to do and follow, and I benefited greatly from the additional resources.”
Marc Ouellet
One Life Wealth Management

I was impressed with Jen’s gift for providing guidance and a creative process at a pace that fit what we needed.
George Piper
Rockcliffe Wealth

I felt supported by Jen DeTracey throughout the entire process. She is on the top of her game and most importantly helped me stay focused.
Kevin Clancy
Harlequin Nature Graphics

I gained a great deal from Jen DeTracey’s one to one personal consulting style. For me, this approach works best. Jen is very hands on and geared everything towards my business.
Dirk Heydemann
HA Photography

This program helped me focus on thinking more strategically. Through Jen’s facilitation process, I found clarity and direction.
Greg Pearce
Rockcliffe Wealth

This program is unique and practical. It includes tangible strategies I use every day. Jen is clear, knowledgeable and helped me focus on being consistent with my marketing activities.
Martin Jongejan
Zoom Home Cleaning

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