About Jen

Jen DeTracey is a strategic alchemist, a published author and one of Canada’s top marketing experts. Jen specializes in customer engagement and customer retention.

Jen is also the founder of Lift Strategies, a company that helps business owners put effective systems in place so that their business has the best tools to succeed. Her proven 5-Step Strategic Marketing Process, the LIFFT® Process, has helped thousands of businesses in boosting their bottom line.

Jen delivers these tools via her Lift Strategies book, consulting, in-person training programs, virtual-training programs, and interactive keynotes at conferences and conventions.

With over 25 years of strategic marketing and business experience working for and with businesses, she has taken this knowledge and developed a number of interactive and engaging keynotes.

Prior to business ownership, Jen DeTracey was the VP of Marketing working with Sarah McLachlan’s record label Nettwerk Records for five years, then joined the Virgin Entertainment Group and launched Canada’s first Virgin Megastore in Vancouver. With Jen at the helm of marketing for three years, Vancouver’s Virgin Megastore was a profitable and sustainable retail operation during this time.

Jen believes business owners struggle with fears which can negatively impact their bottom line. These fears often prevent business owners from being able to step outside of their comfort zone and into the growth zone. Jen’s action-oriented and supportive approach is a winning combination for those business owners who want to be more profitable while effectively retaining and growing their customer/client base.

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