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How Does Your Business Smell?

This may sound like an odd question if you are not the owner of a spa, bakery or restaurant, but it is an important question to ask. Since branding is a full-on experience, this may be something you want to consider.

Our company, Lift Strategies Inc., is sponsoring a franchise event called the Franchise Forum. The Franchise Forum’s last guest speaker was Brian Curin, the President of Flip Flop Shops®. Flip Flop Shops® is the authentic retailer of the hottest brands and latest styles of flip flops and sandals.

As you enter a Flip Flop Shop® anywhere around the world, you will experience the delicious – and distinctive – scent of coconut. This scent lingers as you enter the shop, and then blends into the background as part of the consumer experience. The vibe of Flip Flop Shops® is to give the consumer a “mini-vacation” experience while in the shop.

According to Brian, research has shown that when people smell a similar scent at a later date, they are likely to equate it with an earlier experience. The scent of coconut may give shoppers a flashback to their visits to Flip Flop Shops®. Is that cool or what?

As part of a coconut scent reinforcement, the Flip Flop Shops sells its own brand of its exclusively branded coconut scented chapstick for only $3.

What does your brand smell like?

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