Keynote #1

The Five Musts of Marketing – A Proven Process.

Here’s what we offer the audience of your event:

Would you like to get more from your marketing initiatives? Jen DeTracey will walk you through LIFFT®, a 5-step strategic marketing process that will provide your business with at least 50% more lift.

The title, content and presentation length can be adapted to fit your industry and the theme of your event. LIFFT® is an acronym for Layer, Inform, Frequency, Follow up, and Track.

During this presentation, participants learn:

  • Five foolproof strategies to increase your income immediately
  • How to expand your presence without exhausting your bank account
  • Tactics to wring every drop out of what you’ve already got
  • Strategies to think and work smarter, not harder
  • Ways to build on your business equity
  • How to tap into your ideal clients
  • Methods for dramatically increasing your client base

Learn more about the LIFFT® Process in the consulting section.

Keynote: 45 – 75 minutes.

Keynote #2

Selling Insurance from the Client’s Perspective

Selling insurance has become an important and primary profit tool for financial advisors and brokers. In a volatile global marketplace, insurance products offer stability for both sellers and purchasers.

I have experienced firsthand how the market’s instability since 2008 has impacted my life. I have also purchased a number of insurance products over the years which have provided me with a sense of stability; I never seriously considered how important and grateful I would become when faced with changing life circumstances.

As a marketing strategist, business consultant, trainer, professional speaker and a person who now lives with a critical illness, I have developed an interactive and customizable keynote geared towards those who sell insurance.

Selling Insurance – How To Avoid Leaving Money On The Table

This presentation is an interactive keynote which can include the following elements:

  • My story and perceptions of buying insurance
  • Why I purchased CI insurance
  • How CI insurance saved my life
  • What I didn’t know and regret – if only my insurance person had told me!
  • How my insurance person kept me as a customer despite my upset regarding lack of information provided
  • How selling from the heart translates to more sales and happier long-term customers

    **Adapted version available for prospects/buyers – Critical Illness Insurance Gave Be Back My Life

Keynote: 45 – 75 minutes.

Jen DeTracey really brought it home to me that I have the power to change people’s lives. I relate to her personal story.
Gillian Chandler, Investment & Wealth Advisor
BMO Nesbitt Burns

Jen DeTracey’s story was open, honest and powerful!  I am also a claimant and it helps me promote living benefits to the advisors
Diane Mick, Senior Insurance Specialist
Edward Jones

Jen DeTracey’s presentation captured and engaged us. Her personal journey provoked an emotional response and at times kept us hanging on the edge our seats.
James McKeown, Insurance Specialist
Edward Jones

This message is a wake call for people in our industry. Jen DeTracey’s lively presentation and personal story remind us of how we bring value to our clients.
Brian Goodman, Senior Financial Planning Advisor

Keynote #3

Employee to Expert: The 3 Keys to Success

Making the shift from being an employee to self-employment – whether it be as an advisor, consultant or business owner – can be both invigorating and challenging. It requires a real paradigm shift in your professional life and approach. Even if you were born with an entrepreneurial spirit, being self-employed still requires finding a careful balance between taking risks and being methodical about the decisions you make.

After being in the workforce for 17 years, I took that leap. Based on my own life experience, the influence of key people in my life and some workplace fundamentals I picked up along the way, I have been able to successfully run and adapt my business through some challenging and changing times since 2001.

Employee to Expert is an interactive keynote that can include the following elements:

  • The catalyst that spurred me to start my own business
  • Who helped me get started
  • How I structured my business from day one
  • Why having multiple streams of income is vital
  • Why innovation is essential
  • How to respond to drastic changes and still survive
  • Why structuring your work week is vital to success
  • How to continue to stay relevant to your existing and emerging customers

Interactive Keynote: 30 – 60 minutes.

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