Top 10 Guide to Boosting Profits Online

  1. Develop a site that clearly states what you sell and how your are different from your competitors. Example
  2. Provide product write ups. Don’t just show images. People buy based on emotion. Make them want to come to see your products in person. Example:
  3. The more pages of text on your website the better. Google more highly ranks sites that provide relevant content. Part of how it determines this is by how many pages of text a website has.
  4. Update your website at least once a month. Having current content is important to visitors. Major search engines give preferential treatment to sites that are updated frequently.
  5. Subscribe to Google Analytics. It’s free and it will provide you with invaluable information on what pages users visit the most. Review your web statistics monthly to determine what products are of most interesting to potential buyers. This can impact how your merchandise your store more effectively and what type of products you choose to actively promote.
  6. Post testimonials on your website. People want to know that others had a good experience and are happy with what they purchased from you. Example
  7. Include a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to your website so potential customers will know more about you without having to ask. Example
  8. Make sure every page of your site contains your contact information. A tough to find phone number could frustrate potential customers. Example
  9. Be responsive. Assign one or more employees to respond to incoming email requests within 24 hours. If you can’t respond within 30 minutes of the email, be sure have an auto responder set up to notify the prospect that your company will respond within one business day.
  10. Don’t treat your website like an island. Consider all your marketing efforts as a whole if you revamp your website. Hiring a strategic marketing expert can make the difference between getting the biggest bang for your marketing buck or simply having an online brochure.

Written by Jen DeTracey and published in the latest edition of Business In Vancouver’s Black Pages.

Jen DeTracey, founder of Lift Strategies Inc., helps organizations accelerate their growth and manage that growth without overextending their resources or their people. To find more articles, tips and information about Jen DeTracey, visit



  1. love your videos Jen!!
    and yes… social media is a good place to build those relationships
    and to also let folk know who you are + what you’re up to…
    i find promoting events somewhat useful tho not always reliant…

    thanks again… wx (((o)))

    1. Thanks weaver for your comment. Social media is only part of how business owners need to promote their products and services. It is custom to every business because your cutomers are unique. That is why I have created the Marketing Mastermind group so that I can work with a small group to help each participant market their business better:)

  2. Hi Jen! Thanks for this reminder. I have done this in the past and able to start a conversation. My business, Feng Shui, needs exposure about how easy it is to utilize for amazing results. More exposure can help educate others about services available. I’ll start sharing more this morning. 🙂

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